The Ultimate Flying Dress Experience in Washington D.C.

We are coming to Washington D.C. from May 5-11!!

Only 4 spots available so make sure to book early!

Our Washington D.C. Flying Dress Dream shoot Includes:

1 Hour Photo Session 

1 Location in Washington D.C.

1 Flying Dress Rental for your Session

Flying Dress Assistant 

You can bring your partner, boyfriend or husband to the session to get some photos of the both of you together.

40-60 edited high resolution Digital Images from your photo session

Prep guide with all the info on what to do before your photo session 


No matter how you spend your time in the nation’s capital, you

sure to leave with lifelong memories.

Click the button below to book your D.C. Flying Dress Photo Session.

Limited spots available for April 2024

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Washington D.C. Flying Dress Photoshoot
Washington D.C. Pictures of Flying Dress
Washington D.C. Monument Photoshoot
Lincoln Memorial Flying Dress Photoshoot
Washington Monument Photoshoot Flying Dress
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Pink Long Dress For photography
Photography in Pink Dress
Washington Monument Photo Shoot D.C.
Flying Dress Lincoln Memorial Photography
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Welcome to Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C. - Your Dream Photography Experience!

Step into a world of power, emotion, and intrigue as you embark on a breathtaking journey through our extraordinary imagery. At our Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C., we invite you to feel the enchantment and become the star of your own adventure.

Discover the Perfect Dress in Washington D.C. - Unleash Your Inner Diva!

Ready to showcase your best features and create captivating visuals that harmonize with the natural landscape of Washington D.C.? Choose from our stunning collection of flying dresses, each one meticulously designed to elevate your style and capture your essence. With flowing trains and vibrant colors, these gowns will make you look and feel like a true princess.

Unleash Your Inner Model with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C. - Be Prepared to Be Amazed!

Are you ready to channel your inner supermodel in the heart of Washington D.C.? Prepare to step into a world of bespoke artistry that will leave you speechless. Our private photographer will guide you through a personalized pictorial experience that is guaranteed to capture your unique beauty. Strike a pose, and let the golden hour serve as the breathtaking backdrop for your shoot. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Three Simple Steps to Your Dream Photoshoot in Washington D.C. - We Make it Happen!

Booking your dream session with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C. is easy. Simply follow these three steps, and let the magic unfold:

Book Your Session: Take the first step towards your dream photoshoot. Our friendly team is here to assist you every step of the way. Get ready to make your vision a reality.

Choose Your Dress: Explore our catalog of mesmerizing flying dresses. Select the one that speaks to your heart and reflects your unique style. Let your dress become an extension of your personality.

Have an Amazing Photoshoot: It's time to bring your vision to life. Meet your photographer at a designated location during the breathtaking sunset hours. Prepare to be amazed as your photographer captures your essence and guides you through a series of unforgettable poses. Trust in the process and let your beauty shine.

Immerse Yourself in the Experience with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C. - Create Lifelong Memories!

Picture this: you, draped in a silky gown, standing on the pristine white sandy beaches of Florida. As the gentle breeze caresses your dress, you'll feel as though you're soaring through the air. With a professional photographer dedicated to capturing your every moment, you can be assured of stunning shots that will wow your followers on Instagram and serve as cherished memories for years to come.

A World of Wondrous Possibilities with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C. - Let Your Creativity Soar!

Immerse yourself in our catalog of breathtaking flying dresses, each one more exquisite than the last. Crafted from luxurious silk, these vibrantly colored gowns will transport you into a fairy-tale realm. With their long, flowing trains that seem to defy gravity, you'll truly feel like you're flying.

Highlighting the Essence of Femininity with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C. - Embrace Your Inner Goddess!

Our dresses are designed to enhance the natural beauty and charm of every woman. From the delicate folds of the fabric to the intricate details, each dress showcases the essence of femininity. Get ready to embrace your inner goddess and unleash a world of creative possibilities with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C.

A Mesmerizing Experience in Washington D.C. - Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

Your flying dress photoshoot experience includes not only the dress and a professional photographer but also a dress stylist to ensure you look your absolute best. Imagine the awe-inspiring locations in Washington D.C., the jaw-dropping moments captured through the lens, and the laughter and joy that will fill the air. Trust us when we say that this experience will be like no other.

In Conclusion - Embrace the Magic, Make Memories That Last with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C.!

So, are you ready to escape reality and embark on a whimsical adventure? Slip into a silky gown, let the wind carry you, and allow our team to create stunning visual narratives that will leave you breathless. We guarantee an experience that is not just a photoshoot but a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Your dream photoshoot awaits in Washington D.C. Let's make magic together with Flying Dress Photoshoot Washington D.C.!

Captivating Potomac River and cherry blossom views, grandiose Smithsonian

Museum halls, monumental beautiful backdrops of the nation’s capital


Flying Dress Photography Process

Ritz Carlton Flying Dress

1. Book the date for your Flying Dress Photoshoot.

you ready for a fun experience and some amazing images? Contact us or use our direct booking system to book your session.


2. Choose your Dress color and shooting location.

After you booked your session now the fun begins! Your flying dress photo session includes one dress rental. You get to choose your color flying dress that you will be wearing for your photo session.

Next we will choose the location you will be shooting your flying dress session. One location is included in your session. You can always add on an extra dress and location if you choose. Just make sure to let us know at your booking appointment.

3. Before your session.

Before the day of your session we will send you a prep guide. Make sure to read it so that you are fully prepared for a wonderful flying dress photoshoot!

4. Flying Dress Photoshoot Day

Make sure you come hair and make-up ready unless you booked our ultimate package. Only the ultimate package includes hair and make-up for your session.

Now its time to have fun and shoot your flying dress photo shoot!

5. After your Flying Dress Session.

A week or two after your session we will have a zoom viewing session. At this time you get to see all your amazing images and order prints or digitals.

*Please note that only the Ultimate Package includes Digitals if you book a regular session fee it does not include prints or digitals. Those are sold separately on the day of your zoom session.

red flying dress rental Washington D.C.


My Flying Dress Photoshoot is coming to Washington D.C.

Ever dreamt of feeling like a princess for the day? 

Why not book a flying dress photoshoot in Washington D.C.

My Flying Dress Photo can make your dreams come true! Our professional photographic team in Washington D.C. have created a unique flying dress photoshoot experience for all ages – designed to bring out your inner princess and help you feel beautiful and special. We create stunning photos that will capture the magic of the moment forever. 

With My Flying Dress Photo, you can treasure the memories of this special experience for a lifetime. Our professional team will help you look and feel your best with our pre-shoot advice sessions. We offer guidance on hair, makeup, and dress selection so that you’re ready to dazzle in all of your photos!

Desire: So why wait? Treat yourself or someone special today by booking an unforgettable flying dress photoshoot experience in Washington D.C.. Let our friendly, professional photographers give you a magical journey into another world that you’ll treasure long after it’s over! 

Action: Book now on our website at My Flying Dress Photo and be ready to make some memories that last a lifetime!

Washington D.C. things to do
Photoshoot in Washington D.C. Flying Dress Couple
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Lincoln Memorial Flying Dress Photoshoot
Washington D.C. Monument Flying Dress Photoshoot
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Washington Memorial D.C. Attraction flying dress photoshoot